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Design Blocks

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Increase your development speed and reduce time to market on your apps and products with our standalone Design Blocks

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Design Blocks are the best way to integrate functional and professionally designed standalone blocks of UI elements into your existing mobile application. The integration takes less than 5 minutes and is fully customizable to align to existing design guides.

The MBS Design Block vs. an UI library

While an open-source UI library offers a specific functionality like generating a basic onboarding screen, MBS Design Blocks offers very specific UI elements that are integratable into your app without any installation or reference of third-party code.

All iOS Design Blocks are compatible with iOS13 and upwards and specifically designed to work on both the iPhone and iPad. Unless specified otherwise, a MBS Design Block requires not third-party code and is executable with the native iOS libraries.

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Pricing and Usage

MBS Design Blocks are available from 0.99€ and priced depending on the type of block. Once you purchase a Design Block, you are free to use in any of your projects, both private and commercially. Only restriction: you are not allowed to distribute or sell the blocks.

Integration of Design Blocks

The integration of an MBS Design Block into your existing project is easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. Some knowledge about how to use of Delegate functions is recommended. To learn how to use a delegate function, you can read up on it right here.

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